OMMA, or mother in Korean, is a new restaurant concept that serves high quality Korean barbecue within a contemporary and trendy environment.

The experience is a visual respite from the bustling city, a journey into the rural Seoul where time seems to slow down. It paints the scene of ajumma gathering a variety of woods from different mountains for a warm roast dinner in their cozy homes.

The design takes inspiration from the traditional Hanok, an architecture influenced by the land. It considers the positioning of the house in relation to its surroundings, with thought given to the land and seasons. It reflects the deep spiritual connection that exists between a person and the world they inhabit, just like how the ajumma adjusted their cooking and gathering habits to suit the seasons.

The shop front is kept minimal and enclosed with the entrance frame puncturing the otherwise regular facade. This impactful gesture provides passers-by a hint of the interior, at the same time generating curiosity from afar. This in turn enhances the transitional experience when entering the restaurant.

The interior echoes the Hanok experience. Modular and flexible spatial configuration, no frills design with expressed structures and white plaster walls, accent dividing screens, sculptural furniture. The meticulous constitution of the different wood finishing and panoramic wallpapers give extra visual depth to the space, at the same time being a nod to the traditional Korean architecture language in which it was inspired from. Their non-imposing disposition allow for the show kitchen to take the centre stage, further amplifying the robust atmosphere within the restaurant.

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